Jakub Jan Winnicki

[email protected]
born 4 March 1977

Internet server administration and server-side programming, where experience is required.


  • extensive knowledge of Python, Perl, C, C++, Motorola M68000 assembler
  • extensive knowledge of Linux (Debian, RedHat) and UNIX operating systems, set up, maintenance and development on these platforms
  • familiarity with Windows 9x/NT, MacOS 7-9, BeOS 4.5-5, AmigaOS 1.3-3.1 operating systems (set up as a workstation connected to the Internet/LAN among others)
  • experience in creating WWW services, static and dynamic, based on http server (Apache), CGI (Python, Perl), SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) using html, css and xml technologies
  • experience in setting up and maintaining other network services: ftp (Proftpd, Wuftpd), mail (Sendmail, Postfix), dns (Bind), smb (Samba) etc.
  • experience in setting up routers, firewalls, virtual private networks (pptp, ipsec)
  • experience in GUI programming in GNOME and KDE environments, 3D graphics using OpenGL technology
  • knowledge of 2d & 3d graphics, compression and digital signal processing algorithms.
  • experience in designing user interfaces
  • good english speaking and writing skills

Working in "ARG Zaklad Uslugowo-Produkcyjny" company since march 1998.

Initially employed as a DTP graphician. Working as such for one and half year. Gained experience with prepress and printing processes, desktop publishing, scanning, image recording.

Since October 1999 working as administrator of a server based on Debian GNU/Linux. Area of expertise includes maintenance and development on Internet server using CGI and server pages in Perl and Python languages.

Expertise in enabling Internet technologies.

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