More sprites in one line

As the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual states, you can have more than eight 4-color or four 16-color sprites in one line, by reloading SPRxDAT registers with COPPER or CPU during scanline. It is unknown how sprite DMA loads SPRxDAT's in 32/64 bit mode, though.

But we can bang other SPRxxxx registers than SPRxDAT to make some trick. This property could be used to reload SPRxPOS and SPRxCTL, just to duplicate sprite in the current scanline. Recall those 4-color 320-pixel wide backgrounds in Nexus 7. There was plenty of other demos later which copied Andromeda way of doing backgrounds. To get them you'd use five 64-pixel wide sprites, wouldn't you? But wouldn't it be just a bit cooler to have them in 16 colors? Just reload SPRxCTL at the middle of screen and somewhere in horizontal blank and you have nice colorful wide background.

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