In this document you'll find undocumented features of OCS, ECS and AGA chipsets. If you're looking for complete hardware documentation, you should rather take a look at Amiga Hardware Register Tables. The goal of this document is to bring back The Power of The Oldschool to the mainstream.

NOTE: This document may contain inacurrate or even false data. Please report if you find any. No reward planned. And beware all these pseudo scientific remarks. And if you have issues with nerves skip the first section, it presents somewhat controversial material, some folks may find it dening their identity. But if you really don't want to miss it nonetheless, take a red pill, or blue pill, or yellow or whattever one which will keep you alive. Enough said. Have fun.

  1. What is this all about
  2. Copper
    1. More register changes in a scanline
  3. Sprite Hardware
    1. Freeing the DMA
    2. More sprites in one line
    3. Disappearing sprites
  4. UHRES Display
  5. Speed Up Tricks
    1. Faster Chipmem bus in PAL mode
  6. Other Amiga Native Hardware
    1. CD32 Controller
    2. Battery Backed Clock
    3. Desaturation Control Bit
    4. Video timings
  7. Links
  8. Last Words
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